Tellurium Q - Ultra Black II Netzkabel - Test von THE EAR

Bei "THE EAR" ist ein Testbericht für das Tellurium Q - Ultra Black II Netzkabel erschienen. Der Autor Chris Kelly schließt mit dem Fazit:

If you are a paid-up member of the “cables don’t make a difference” club then I thank you for reading this far, because it must all grate rather horribly. I listen to various configurations of audio gear pretty much every day of the year and I am in the opposing club because I hear those differences every time I change a cable anywhere in the system. To be fair, while I have known for a very long time that interconnects and loudspeaker cables make an audible difference, it took me a while to realise that the one and half metres from the wall to the system are where I should have started in the first place, and then worried about the other cables. The amplifier sits at the heart of the system, just as an engine sits at the heart of a car. The quality of the fuel dictates how efficiently that engine runs, and that analogy carries through to our audio hobby. The better quality of power that flows into the power supply of the amplifier (or any other component for that matter), the better the amplifier will perform.

Once again Mr. Merrigan has proved to me that he is still at the peak of his considerable powers, so yes, he has succeeded. It is counter-intuitive to use such an expensive mains cable on a relatively modest amplifier, but I am now convinced that it is actually money well spent. If you have an amplifier in the hotly contested £5k region, you really should ask your local Tellurium Q dealer to let you hear one of these on your system. Save your ‘snake oil’ barbs, this cable is the real deal.

Chris Kelly - THE EAR

Tellurium Q - Ultra Black II Netzkabel - Test von THE EAR

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