Stereophile testet den MASTERSOUND Compact 845 mit der DeVORE FIDELITY - Orangutan O/96

Dieser Test von Stereophile passt natürlich ausgezeichnet zu unserem Programm, wir führen schließlich beide Marken. Nach der ausführlichen Beschreibung des MASTERSOUND Compact 845 geht der Autor auf Seite 2 des Tests besonders auf das Zusammenspiel mit der DeVORE O/96 ein:

The 845–O/96 pairing (re)created a dense, finely layered stage on Vincent d'Indy's Symphony on a French Mountain Air (LP, EMI ASD 3480). On Roy Haynes's engrossing We Three (LP, New Jazz NJ-8210), it pulled an intimacy-and-bangers feat similar to what it did on The Poll Winners disc. On jazz-vocal great Betty Carter's Inside Betty Carter (LP, United Artists Records UAL 3379), it cut through the poor recording quality to extract gut-punch dynamics.

The 845–O/96 duo produced sweet tone, lush, transparent mids, and satisfying bass—of the full-bodied variety, not carved-in-space tight. To my ears, perfect balance.


The Mastersound Compact 845 hits all my sonic sweet spots: gorgeous, burnished tube tone, palpable instrumental texture, unerring naturalism, lush, rich, transparent midrange, solid bass, open treble, black background, precise layering of instruments and vocals—and the deepest, punchiest soundstage I've heard. It was also eerily quiet. Like the Audio Note Meishu Tonmeister integrated amplifier, I would be happy to live with this amplifier for the rest of my days. With the Compact 845, Mastersound moves to the front row in the hallowed hall of master tube-amplifier manufacturers

Ken Micallef - Stereophile

MASTERSOUND - Compact 845

DeVORE FIDELITY - Orangutan O/96

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