Tellurium Q | Ultra Black II

Tellurium Q

"The Tellurium Q Ultra Black cables achieve component status: that is to say, before changing any of your system’s components you should audition these cables first”

Christian Bayer, Image

AusführungVK incl. MwSt.
Ultra Black II 3 Meter Stereo 2.400,00 €
Ultra Black II Extra Meter 690,00 €
Ultra Black II Jumper - Stereo Set 275,00 €
Interconnect Kabel  
Ultra Black II RCA - 1 Meter Stereo 545,00 €
Ultra Black II XLR - 1 Meter Stereo 710,00 €
Ultra Black II Interconnect - 0,5 Meter extra Stereo  140,00 €
Phono Kabel  
Ultra Black II Phono - Mini DIN to RCA 720,00 €
Ultra Black II Phono - RCA to RCA 545,00 €
Digital Kabel  
Ultra Black II Digital Waveform hf - RCA-XLR-BNC 615,00 €
Ultra Black II Digital - 0,5 Meter extra 76,00 €
Ultra Black II Netzkabel 2.000,00 €
Einbrenn CD - Bei Silver Diamond, Black Diamond und Ultra Silver im Lieferumfang enthalten 30,00 €
HiFi and Music Source - Award

Das Britische Magazin "HiFi and Music Source" hat für die Tellurium Q - Ultra Black II Serie im Allgemeinen und für das Lautsprecherkabel im Speziellen den seltenen Award "Best-Ever" vergeben.

“Having inaugurated an awards season for 2022, it seemed appropriate to acknowledge some key pieces of HiFi equipment that have passed through HF&MS over the preceding nine years. There have been just three ‘Night and Day’ moments over this period. These experiences are usually unexpected and simply tangible, where you just think; ‘blimey, this is really really good!’

 I was one of those who appreciated cables were important but I had no idea how profound the introduction of a medium to high-end cable could be and the Ultra Black II is by no means Tellurium Q’s best cable.”

Simon Wilce, HiFi and Music Source

HiFi and Music Source

hifi+awards 2019 tellurium q ultra black lautsprecherkabel

Lautsprecherkabel Ultra Black II

Even taking in account all the awards that the old Ultra Black speaker cable won, this new version gives a whole new level of performance that is obvious from the first second of listening. Greater detail, more clarity, more organic but still sitting very firmly in the Black cable family.

The first few people to have heard the new cable were surprised to say the least.

Ultra Black

“Tellurium Q Ultra Black is the cable we wanted to make from day one. We told our UK distributor what to expect as we handed them a prototype that looked more like a fireman’s hose and less like a sonic phenomena. They glanced at the heavy, stiff and it has to be said ugly brown experiment. “Yes, well we will give it a go and take it to a few dealers to see what they think”. Later that day we get a phone call from our disbelieving UK distributors at Kog Audio, “what the hell is in it? We’ve never heard anything like this!”.

They took it on trust that the production version would be incredibly thin and flexible by comparison and look a whole lot better. So Kog Audio put in an advance order that day without needing to see or hear the production model because, in their words, “if it is even quarter as good as the prototype it will blow people away”.

We think that the production version sounds better than the prototype.

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that the Blue Diamond and Ultra Black were the same cable with different printing but when you plug the Ultra Black into your system there is absolutely no doubt that the Ultra Black is in a totally different league.”

TestberichtImage HiFi

The Tellurium Q Ultra Black cables achieve component status: that is to say, before changing any of your system’s components you should audition these cables first”

Christian Bayer, Image
TestberichtWhat HiFi

“Clear and very transparent. Especially the details. That’s “amazing”, is very remarkable in every way, the more I listened the more I love it.”

What Hi Fi (Thailand)
TestberichtHead Mania

“The extension is incredibly clean and natural and I must say that I didn’t manage to find that in another cable until now… I’ve been listening to some live recordings which were incredibly real, from the sounds in the audiences, to the voices and instruments on the stage. Even the clapping was hauntingly lifelike, putting me right there in front of the audience.”

Dan-Alexandru Gheorghe, Head Mania

“naturalness , timbres and dynamics of these connectors are so remarkable that my packing and sending back is really very, very difficult – if it even still happens.”

Frank Neu,, August 2015
TestberichtHiFi Plus

“Whatever you do, don’t audition the Ultra Black. As I said before, once you do, there’s no going back.”

Steve Dickenson, Hi Fi Plus, Awards issue 2010
TestberichtHiFi World

“What the Ultra Blacks will do for your record collection is to both extract the fine detail from within and reveal its personality. The Ultra Blacks will lay bare your music, getting under the skin of each recording.”

Paul Rigby, HiFi World 2010
TestberichtHiFi Pig

“clarity is the only word I can really find to describe the effect of these cables, and I must admit (as a cable sceptic full stop) it shocked me”.”

Lin Smith, HiFi

Tellurium Q Farb-Familien

Testberichte Archiv von Tellurium Q

ArchivTellurium Q hat ein Archiv aller bisher erschienenen Presse- und Testberichte eingerichtet. Auf Grund der hohen Anzahl und der stark gewachsenen Popularität der Marke veröffentlichen wir hier jeweils nur die wichtigsten Tests. Dort finden Sie einen Überblick über alle internationalen Publikationen.

Die Tellurium Q Einbrenn-CD zur System Verbesserung

Die Tellurium Q Einbrenn-CD zur System Verbesserung

Die meiste Musik folgt bei einer Zeit-Frequenz-Analyse bestimmten Fourier-Transformationen und ist nicht zufällig. Das bedeutet, dass Ihr System in eine "Furche" geraten kann. Als wenn man im Fitness-Studio immer nur ein paar bestimmte Muskeln trainieren würde um sich dann zu fragen warum der Körper aus dem Gleichgewicht gekommen ist. Diese Aufnahme bespielt das System über eine volle Trainingseinheit von Frequenzen und Klangänderungen und bringt neues Leben in Ihre Musik. Alle Frequenzen, von tiefen Bässen bis in die oberen Mitten, werden durch hohe Frequenzbereiche unterbrochen und in einer nicht-sequenziellen, nicht Fourier gerechten Form durchgespielt.

Probieren Sie es aus und hören Sie selbst.


"Man muss taub sein, wenn man den Unterschied nicht hört!"

"Nach dem spielen der Einbrenn-CD zur System Verbesserung erlebte ich die gleiche starke Wirkung auf mein System, wie nach der Entmagnetisierung des Tonabnehmer Systems in meinem Plattenspieler."

"Nach dem Spielen einer Spur mit dem gleichen Volumen, vorher und nachher, kommt die Musik lebendiger, offener und hat mehr Raum als vorher. Es ist ein wirklich hörbarer Unterschied und auf jeden Fall der einfachste und kostengünstigste Weg ein System zu beleben."