Stereonet - Product of the Year Award für das Tellurium Q - Statement II XLR

Bei Stereonet war bereits im September 2023 ein ausführlicher Test zum Tellurium Q - Statement II XLR erschienen. Die Redaktion hatte seinerzeit den "Applause Award" vergeben.

Nun ist das Kabel zusätzlich als "Product of the Year" prämiert worden.

It isn’t easy creating a globally successful cable brand from nothing, then building on that success over the years, but that’s what Tellurium Q’s Geoff Merrigan has done. Against all the odds, the company has taken on the market’s big names and prevailed. Its no-nonsense approach has surely helped – with precious little marketing hype and a focused attitude. The flagship Statement II XLR epitomises this – there’s little in the way of fancy packaging and no tall tales of magical ingredients. Yet the sound speaks for itself, being translucent and effortless with a wonderfully organic feel.

Geoff Merrigan and the Tellurium Q team have taken a class-leading product and managed to improve upon it still further, which is no mean feat. While the asking price for the Statement II might be more than some people's components or even systems, this constant pursuit of excellence opens up a new world of sensory delight for music lovers fortunate enough to be able to afford such cables. So, if you are in the market for a seriously capable, high-end analogue interconnect, the Statement II is an essential audition.

Stereonet - Product of the Year Award für das Tellurium Q - Statement II XLR

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