Tellurium Q Ultra Black II XLR Test von Hifi Pig

Das Tellurium Q Ultra Black II XLR Kabel wird von Hifi Pig in einem Test als "Outstanding Product" bewertet.


Ultra Black II XLR Kabel

“For precision from lowest to highest frequencies and with all types of music these cables are a no brainer. Having run in these cables over the few weeks that I had them I could see exactly what Geoff was trying to do, even if he is rather secretive about what magic is inside them. And boy did the cable work in my system; the music was controlled, and with an open and natural transmission of the music with no colouration. There was a great sense of spatial and phase awareness in the music, and this meant not just between speakers but all around them, giving for a more exciting and compelling listen. I just hope I get asked to review the Ultra Silver." "Tellurium Q Ultra Black II is a remarkably coherent and “well-timed” cable”

Janine Elliot, Hifi Pig

Den Testbericht stellen wir hier zum Download zur Verfügung.

Tellurium Q Ultra Black II XLR Test von Hifi Pig

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