Testbericht über Netzkabel aus der Tellurium Q - Silver Serie

Terry Ellis von Pursuit Perfect System stellt in einem Youtube Video drei Netzkabel aus der Tellurium Q - Silver Serie vor.

Sein Test macht deutlich wie wichtig die Netzkabel in einem System sind.


“I put the Tellurium Q Silver [range] power cables in my system and haven’t wanted to take them out… they all justify their price points and will improve the sound quality of whatever you plug them into.”

Silver Diamond

“The Silver Diamond is the sweet spot of the range and gives you the biggest bang for the buck. It gets you closest to what the Statement power cable will give you. Improved clarity, bass, presence and control.”

Ultra Silver

“Full sound, I really like using the Ultra Silver powering a power conditioner”.


“It significantly improved the system’s clarity”.


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