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Tellurium Q - Silver Diamond Testbericht und Preisgewinn - Auszeichnung für Statement Lautsprecher- und RCA Kabel

Tellurium Q - Silver Diamond Testbericht und Preisgewinn

Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) hat die Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Kabel getestet und vergibt 9/10 Punkten. Sein Fazit:

The Silver Diamond interconnects blended a combination of smooth midrange, detail and focus plus an airy midrange to give a splendidly descriptive performance that never sounded pinched or cramped but, on the contrary, allowed the music to roam wherever it fancied. More than anything, this element of trusting the music to do whatever it wanted meant that every piece of music played though them was exciting.

The Silver Diamond speaker cables offered a tremendous tonal realism, clarity and detail combined with a naturalistic flow. You don’t feel that music is bumping its head on any unnatural music boundaries which means there is less subconscious tension around the soundstage and that relaxation I mentioned flows in abundance. You feel that you could listen to your music for hours (and hours).

The Silver Diamond standard should arrive with a government warning, it’s dangerously easy to listen to these cables.

GOOD: dynamic reach, transient performance, clarity, spacious soundstage, tonal realism

BAD: nothing




Die Lautsprecher- und RCA Kabel der Statement Serie wurden von der Redaktion von mit einem Statement Award 2018 ausgezeichnet.

High Fidelity Statement Award


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