Hifi-Pig Testbericht - Tellurium Q Silver und Silver Diamond Netzkabel

Dan Worth hat auf der Website von Hifi-Pig einen neuen Testbericht über die Tellurium Q Silver und Silver Diamond Netzkabel veröffentlicht.

"Both the Silver and Silver Diamond Power cables have obvious benefits to recommend. They both have a distinctively clean and controlled sound, that has great extension and tonal qualities that bring the vibrancy out in the music whilst retaining musicality.

It’s not very often that I come across power cables that balance this act so well
My first impressions with the Silver Diamond was how much more space there was around instruments and how much more space each instrument had to playfully dance. Smaller decays faded from around each of the instruments into their own areas of darker acoustic space. This gave better overall pockets of depth and three-dimensionality to the overall soundstage. The encapsulating effect I love was larger and more complex and with the whole image being more vivid and vibrant.

Tonally it’s easy to hear that there is a bond with the two cables, with the Silver Diamond extracting more texture and instrument timbre from the recording. The Silver does an exceptional job of conveying music, the Silver Diamond does a better job of exploring music.

I’d strongly recommend both of these power cables [silver and silver diamond] and suggest that if your system and wallet can entertain the Silver Diamond you will be nothing short of delighted"

Hifi-Pig Testbericht - Tellurium Q Silver und Silver Diamond Netzkabel

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