Tellurium Q zum Jahresende mit 3 Product of the Year Awards ausgezeichnet

Für Tellurium Q hat es zum Jahresende gleich 3 "Product of the Year" Awards gegeben.

Von HiFi Plus für die Netzkabel aus der Silver und der Silver Diamond Serie.

Das Ultra Blue II Lautsprecherkabel ist von Stereonet zum Produkt des Jahres gewählt worden.

Silver Netzkabel

“While frequency extension particularly in the bass is excellent, the first aspect you notice when listening with Silver is the clarity of voices, the expressiveness of midrange detail and a more pronounced ‘in the room’ energy to the sound.”

Alan Sircom, HiFi Plus product of the Year

Silver Diamond Netzkabel

Silver Diamond takes this midrange clarity and energy and builds significantly on it. There’s more than a touch of Tellurium Q’s ‘Statement’ cable to Silver Diamond, and that means more space around the instruments, more frequency extension (top and bottom, but with that, yet more of that energy and clarity of Silver), and more dynamic range let through.

Alan Sircom, HiFi Plus product of the Year

Ultra Blue II Lautsprecherkabel

“Ultra Blue II is a smooth, subtle and musical sounding speaker cable, with an impressive amount of detail considering its modest price – yet it never overwhelms or irritates. Indeed, it’s a highly refined design that gives many more expensive rivals a hard time. Excellent construction quality seals the deal.”

Stereonet product of the year awards

HiFi Plus 2021 Awards Netzkabel TelleriumQ Silver Diamond


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